Yes to Migration, no to Extremism


We were on an Erasmus exchange with many different people from different countries for five days here in Askoy, Norway.

It took a long time to get to Norway.

We travelled nine hours.

The exchange programme is called „Yes to migration, no to Extremism“ .

The Exchange was really, really cool.

We have learned so many things about migration in museums and projects.

In the museums we saw a really old plane from World War II.

The plane was from Germany.

They also told us many things about the planes in the World War II.

It was nice to work and speak with people from a different country.

We think that it was cool that we really got along well with all the people and had a lot of fun with everybody.

For example one of the days we listened to loud music on the bus.

It was sooo nice to see and experience the teamwork in this project and the witness a great-spirit in the groups.

In our free time we spent our time together with all the other students.

We were in Bergen and went shopping, bowling and had a cool party.

We also liked that we were independent because we were here without our parents but we felt very good and safe without our parents .

The best thing was that we met students who study German. We had an hour with them where they showed us their city „Voss“. It was cool beca
use they spoke German and we spoke English. We would do this project again at any time!! From Germany: Emily, Anne, Elena and Paul

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